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Sunday, February 24, 2008

basketball in Ghana

Basketball is love by many students in Ghana. But it is a shame that the sport is not given the necessary attention as soccer. In schools you find a lot of kids playing the sports with passion. Another reason might be that the school authorities are not really employing coaches to bring these kids up. As a result they learn the hard way and not the fundamental way. From these back drop, HOOPS was born, a basketball club in Cape Coast Ghana with the sole aim of changing the face of the game in Ghana, Africa and the world as a whole. Presently the club is one year and has achieve a lot among the youths of Cape Coast as HOOPS is presently a household name. The club has grown from a few members to a variety of members all over the country. presently we even have promoted a player who is presently playing in the college league in the USA through the HOOPS Extramural program which is being organize to assists athletic scholars to be able to have their dream come true by playing basketball in the USA. We hope that by doing this people will than see the potential basketball can bring in Ghana. We will keep you updated to basketball news in Ghana as it comes. Note that more info can be found on our website at As the site is mainly use for the team news and info we will use this blog to cover other basketball stories and news as they come. Come back for more. Thanks