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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Launching of Western Basketball Association

This past Saturday saw a big development in the basketball section of Ghana. The Western Region was able to inaugurate their basketball association in the capital of the region, Takoradi. This shows that Ghanaians who love the sport are trying the best to remove it from what is term as other sports and have it compete with the nation most love sport soccer. Six teams where present to grace the occasion of the first tournament being organize by the WBA. The teams included from the Western Region, Dream Team and WBA; from the Central Region, HOOPS and DONS; from the Greater Accra Region, After 7 and last but not the least, from the Ashanti Region, Slizzers. The preliminary games where played at the military baracks in the morning. The games began at 8AM and the following teams where drawn against each other from ballot. Dream Team vs WBA, HOOPS vs DONS and Slizzers vs After 7. Winners emerging from the first round of matches were Dream Team, DONS and After 7. These three qualified for the second stage which was the semifinal. Slizzers qualifued as the fourth team as they emerged best loosers having score one point above that of HOOPS.

DONS and Slizzers won their matches and advanced to the Final which was played at the GSTS grounds in the afternoon. At the GSTS grounds the first match was played between two female sides which was very exciting. later the third place was played between After 7 and Dream Team which the Dream team won. Than came the final, DONS vs Slizzers. This match proved to be a earth shaking one as both sides went all out from the begining of the blast of the whistle. The experience side of the Slizzers took the day against the other side of one of Ghana most celebrated basketball player known as MeMe.

The main event of the day was the dinner. This was held at the newly built Sekondi Stadium which was one of the stadia that was used during the 2008 MTN African Cup of Nations. Speakers at the event praised all involved and also give some words of advice for the youth, as well as the elderly still in the game. Than came the eating time which was great as the food was at its best and the boys ate heartfully. This shows that basketball in Ghana is moving forward and nobody will stop it. We encourage all other regions to copy the western Region to beef up the
game in Ghana