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Friday, March 21, 2008

HOOPS takes 3rd place in WBA Easter Tournament

The Western Basketball Association organized a one day tournament on Good Friday as part of this year Easter festivities in Takoradi, Western Region. Five teams took part namely Knights, T-Poly and Westside from Takoradi, Unicorns from Sekondi and HOOPS from Cape Coast, Central Region. Two ladies teams, Giants and Angels from Takoradi also graced the occasion. HOOPS won their first game against Knights 37 - 26 but lost in the semi final game against T-Poly 47 - 54. Nonetheless boys were able to put together themselves from the semifinal defeat by winning the third place match against Unicorns 49 - 26. The games were conducted under a friendly atmosphere as all sides showed good sportsmanships through out the occasion. The venue of the tournament was the Military Barracks at Apremdu, Takoradi. The tournament started at 7AM with balloting between the teams. As there were five teams, four teams where paired against each other while the fifth team was put on standby to meet the loser with the best losing margin. The winner of game one and two played first semis while the standby team and the best loser met in the second semis with the winners of both going to the final and the losers for the third place. Here is the breakdown of how the matches went: Game 1 KNIGHTS 26 HOOPS 37, Game 2 T-POLY 48 WESTSIDE 30. Game 3 (females) GIANTS 10 ANGELS 5, Game 4(semi 1) T-POLY 54 HOOPS 47, Game 5(semi 2) UNICORNS 31 KNIGHTS 37, Game 6(3rd place) HOOPS 49 UNICORNS 26, Game 7(final) T-POLY 28 KNIGHTS 26. Winner - T-POLY, Runner up - KNIGHTS, 2nd Runner up - HOOPS. Each game was played for forty minutes with twenty minutes running time per half. Lots of skills were shown by most players but the sight of attraction was the HOOPS team which came with talented young players but most of their big men fell into foul trouble in the semi-final encounter which lead to "Alinko" and Saheed each with five fouls long before the second half could end. With their departure from the game it left a serious gap in the game plan. Other players tried their best to match up with the T-Poly boys raining in three points but time also was not available to catch up with the scores. At the end of the tournament, refreshments were served at the junior officers' mess hall at the military barracks. A short meeting was conducted before the meals were served by the WBA President, WBA Sports development Officer, the Western Region Sports Coordinator, the Central Region Sports Coordinator, Cocal-Cola representative, SKY TV and coaches of the teams which took part in the tournament. For his part, the WBA President thanked all the participating teams and all others especially those who traveled from Cape Coast. He also gave insight of the upcoming WBA League which will commence soon. The Western Region Sports Coordinator added that the sports council will do all within its power to promote the sports in the region and Ghana as a whole. His counterpart from the Central Region announced that the region has similar plans and will in the nearest future organized the CBA and asked his fellows WBA officials and members to work along with him in making this a realty. The Coca-Cola rep for his part asked that the list of all basketball courts both in the Central and Western Regions be submitted for the branding of these facilities. SKY TV pledged their support in taking the activities to the masses as presently its the media which educate the people of the happening in their community. The HOOPS player/coach, Claudius Thompson, thanked the organizers for the tournament and also give the team's full support in whatever program undertaken by the WBA in the uplifting of the sports in both regions and Ghana as a whole. At the end of discussions, the guest and hosts were treated to a Ghanaian dish of Kenkey and fried fish after which all sides departed to their respective places. To make record straight, the HOOPS team asked that they be given the chance to play each individual teams in the Western Region starting with T-Poly. Watch out boys, we'll be back and if you try coming to our home ground, you will pay dearly. HOOPS on Fire, still.

HOOPS Lineup

(50)Alinko, 6'9"
(32)Taiwo, 6'6"
(25)Saheed, 6'7"
(40)Kwesi, 6'1"
(23)Emi, 6'9"
(7)Romeo, 6'0"
(16)Mario, 5'11"
(3)George, 6'0"
(52)Yam, 6'0"
Coach: Claudius Thompson