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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Junior HOOPS run over St. Augustine College 61 to 44

After a long draught from active games, the JV are back and hot as ever. These boys are very hungry for games and have been in training for some time now. One of the reason of their slow campaign is that most of the players are in boarding schools and are only available for games when they are on vacation. Notwithstanding, they are always available for practice during weekends and when ever they are available in town. The past few weeks, they have been training for a series of friendly matches to be held with their peers in Accra and Takoradi. Upon a short notice, the JV were ready to take on the challenge of playing Saint Augustine in their back yard. They were also excited that they were meeting the present senior secondary school champ of the Central Region. St. Augustine is known for putting out academic scholars and their present team is not to be under rated. The AUGUSCO boys were comprised of only SSS3 students whom are presently also writing their West African Examination (WAEC).