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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Victoria's Park Hosts 3 on 3 One Day Tournament

Last Saturday, the 17th of May saw live fireworks at the Victoria's Park Court with the hosting of a 3on3 JV basketball tournament which was organized by the HOOPS Basketball Club. It was deem necessary to have the youth coming together on this day to exhibit their talents. In all, five teams represented; namely, TUPEE, KINGS, TOPS, KNIGHT, and last but not the least TEAM ZILLA. Each team comprised of three players. The event started with a three points competition which was won by "Majestic" of Aggrey Memorial School. Than followed the main event with the battle of the titans as all boys went straight for the hoop in the 3on3. The games where played on round robbing basis and each game lasting for 5 minutes with a minute over time if needed.