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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hoops thrashed Ghana Fire Service 69 - 53

Cape Coast Hoops on Saturday, Sept. 13, 2008 won against the Ghana Fire Service team 69-53. The game is in continuation of the Greater Accra Armature Basketball League which was played at Lebanon House, Tudu Accra. Highlights of the day saw two dunks from Saykan Bestman and a monster dunk from Michael DadsonThe game was a must win for Hoops who had earlier lost to the braves of CEPS and Yotive the week before. Hoops lost to Yotive 70-67 and on Sept. 10 lost to Braves of Ceps 101-63. The match against Ceps was a very physical one which saw two Hoops players sustaining cuts they receive from the CEPS players. With the victory against Fire, the team now has two wins and three defeats. Players in the team are confident of wining their remaining matches against Police, Wizards, Flames, and Warrior to make it for the playoffs. Presently some of the players on on camp in Cape Coast training for the match against Police this coming Saturday. Fans should expect nothing less than massive victories in the remaining matches.

Video Hoops vs. Fire
Video Hoops vs CEPS