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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ingmar Snabilie arrives in Cape Coast

HTML clipboard Basketball in Cape Coast has been boosted with the arrival of Ingmar on the 29th of August. The young Dutch player was excited to be in Cape Coast and wasted no time by being on the court a few hours after his arrival, Saturday morning. The newly formed U14 players we very excited to see their new coach. After introduction, both the senior, junior and U14 all had a hectic workout. Even the rain could not lower their spirit as they practice hard on the various drills given by Ingmar. At the end of the practice section which lasted for four hours, every player was glad that their game will be at a next level pretty soon. Ingmar himself was fascinated with quick catch-up of the U14 kids most of which were learning the game for the first time. We will keep you updated on his progress here in Ghana.