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Thursday, July 24, 2008

18th Edition of Cabalan Thome Memorial Basketball Tournament

Followers of basketball in Ghana knows all about this tournament. It is here all rivalries are out to the test as teams from the Division I league face each other in a 7 - 14 days basketball explosion. This year will not be left out as the 18th Edition kick off Saturday, 26th of July at 3PM at the Lebanon House and the final will be play Aug 13 at 3PM same venue. The draw for the tournament took place on the 22nd of this month with two group of male teams and one group for the females. Visit main site for the Groupings. Group B seems to be the Group of Death. Two teams will qualify from each group for the semifinal stage. Keep coming back for more info on the fixture, results, photos and videos of the tournament. The league is expected to resume on August 15. All matches which were to be played between Aug. 2 - Aug 14 are set as outstanding matches.