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Monday, July 14, 2008

Greater Accra Amature Basketball League update: Yotive defeat Fire while Police fell to Wizards spell

In the Greater Accra Amature league which was played this last weekend saw Yotive and Fire locking horns. The game started with Fire shooting two consecutive three pointers. Fred Yeboah, the skipper of Yotive not wanting his side going down came back hard against the Fire boys with Enoch Ewusie as their driving force. Yotive, who had a bench of some foreign players were not worry as they took control of things by the end of the second quarter. In the second half, Yotive had their paddle down and the Fire boys had no answer to their defense and fast breaks. At the end Yotive won the day 39 - 30.

The second match of the day was no doubt expected to be a bomb as Police were taken on Wizards. Police came out with a new squad comprising mostly of civilian players. It was surprising as we expected to see more officers making the team. Wizards on the hand seems to have beef up their team not to suffer defeat they faced against Fire on July 5th. The Police team was no match to the much athletic Wizards as the cast their spells on the Police as they ran breaks after breaks. In the stance where some Hoops players looking closely knowing they will meet these guys soon. The game ended with Wizard victorious 43 - 32