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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hoops gets first win in Accra league

Cape Coast HOOPS yesterday won their game two match against Premier Panthers 45-43. The game was played at the Prisons Court, Cantoment, Accra. From the jump-ball the match was clear that it was going to be a cracker as both sides went for the kill. Premier Panthers, who came from a previous game which they won against Reformers were looking to make it two victories in a row while Hoops who earlier lost to Reformers were looking for their first win since making their debut in this year League. Hoops were able to pull a convincing victory without the help of Ifeanyi Mbah and Saheed Oladipo, both who are currently not in the country. Those leading the team to victory included MVP of the game Saykan Bestman(6'4), John Cooper(6'5), Christopher Angsomwine(6'10), Michael Dadson(6'11) and Bernard Davies(5'10). Others included Marco Namara(6'1, debut), Edvenos Russell(6'0, debut), Kay Nyenuh(5'11, debut), George Cooper(5'10) and new sensation Anas Ben Anas(6'6) who made his debut for the team as well. With this win, the boys are in high anticipation for their next games. In related development, the developmental team of Hoops known as Hoopers were also in action this weekend in Cape Coast as part of the Western Basketball Association league. They lost to Bikat of Secondi 38 to 53 but won their second match of the day against Pelican of Takoradi 45 to 42. Hoopers has won two and lost two in the WBA league. This show that both Hoops and Hoopers are still in contention in both leagues. Big up to the boys, especially Hoopers who are showing that they are the next best players to take Hoops futher come next year in apex league in Accra. Photos and videos of these matches will be update soon.