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Monday, July 21, 2008

Daniel Armah spends weekend in Philly

Dan was the guest this weekend to Jack Whitehead, Director of International Recruiting, He flew in from new York where he is spending the summer holidays with his uncle. Dan was happy to meet Jack who was instrumental in getting him to the USA to play for Casper College in Wyoming. Upon his short visit, Dan was able to meet other dignitaries in Philly and was also interview by a newspaper journalist. The Philly’s Triple Threat, an U14 team run by Mr. Whitehead were the most excited ones to have Dan run the floor with them. The kids took a sudden liken to him and ask for a lot of advices on how they can better their game to play like him. He advised that they take their training seriously and always listen to their coaches instruction. He also told them he was excited to meet them as was his wish since entering the USA in February of this year. The kids promised to be in touch with Dan by email and follow his games once the 2008-2009 collegiate season starts. We too will keep you updated as we follow the journey of this player from Casper to higher heights. Hoops on Fire!!!